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Mexico City

What to Do in a City that Never Sleeps

The once known as Distrito Federal, Mexico City (CDMX to shorten) keeps being the favorite destination of some and a must stopover of others, so its offer of tourist services and infrastructure is probably the most varied one in the country, designed to exceed the most cosmopolitan traveler’s expectations.

Beautiful and colorful (no filters needed!), the dynamic Mexico City awakens way before the sun comes up and takes its inhabitants and visitors into its fast and speedy rhythm. Visiting Mexico City is exploring a modern city that maintains an intimate and very close tie to its past. Just in the Historic Center one can enjoy iconic constructions like the Latin American Tower, the Palace of Fine Arts and the Metropolitan Cathedral, and just a few steps further having a look of the ruins of the Templo Mayor, which were discovered in 1978 and nowadays go through permanent excavations, finding new amazing discoveries each day.

Mexico City is home to Mexico’s most beautiful constructions: from the spectacular Palace of Fine Arts in Juarez Avenue, with its murals by Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros, the historic Palacio de Mineria in Tacuba 5 and the amazing Palacio Postal in Tacuba 1, to the imposing Chapultepec Castle; the most representative monuments of our country are in Mexico City: the Angel de la Independencia Monument, the Monument to Revolution, the Diana Cazadora Fountain, the Caballito and the Hemiciclo a Juarez are authentic icons and silent witnesses of our history.